– “Well, you are lucky you have the luxury to stay at home,” told the guy to Allison Barrett Carter, a freelance writer and content marketing consultant in North Carolina. It was the eighth time she heard such a statement during the same week. “Staying at home isn’t a luxury,” told Barrett Carter’s sister-in-law, in defense of this way of life. “It’s hard work! Some of the hardest work I know.”

– So, is it appropriate to use the word “luxury” to define the role of a stay-at-home mom or dad? To afford this kind of “luxury”, argues Barrett Carter, she and her husband made sacrifices to allow one of them to take care of their family. Their lifestyle is the result of seriously considered choices and decisions, not of a desire for extravagances. “Those who define me as a “luxury,” while enjoying themselves plenty of luxuries we’ve sacrificed, frustrate me,” she says.



Image: Happy Family – ChildUp.com