– In order to boost the numbers of potential great achievers, especially in the field of science and technology, educators can do better at discovering, supporting and stimulating the most skilled pupils. In the USA, K-12 education programs do not sufficiently back the students with evident capacities and/or showing interest in those areas. 

– The best students – even those without highly educated and rich parents – should be challenged and actively supported all along their studies. It seems that money is a main issue against this goal. Unfortunately, in this case, the lack of financing is also complicated by two misconceptions about who the most successful kids are and what they need from the education system. The first notion is that the best students come from advantaged backgrounds and the second is that students who perform well at a particular time in their school career can succeed on their own, unsupervised. In reality, academic success is a long-term journey that requires continuous support.



Image: Wikimedia Commons