Why is the photo of Elisha below so interesting? To understand it, you must first know where and when it was taken. It was taken last year in Cebu City, Philippines, during the SUMUP math games tournament the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation organized.

And what makes this photo of Elisha remarkable and funny? Two things. First, you may have noticed that Elisha is holding two game cards, each showing the number 5. But one of the two cards is UPSIDE DOWN. And as you may have also seen, Elisha's name on her chest is UPSIDE DOWN, too.

What can we conclude from this? To begin with, no one can blame Elisha. In both cases, she probably did not realize that her name and the number 5 were UPSIDE DOWN. What is very surprising, however, is that no one among the participants in this event - teachers, parents, and play partners - drew Elisha's attention to these two "upside-down things".

Well, all this is not a big deal, and this coincidence is very funny. We can bet, though, that during the next SUMUP tournament, Elisha will display her name and cards RIGHT SIDE UP.

Picture: ELISHA - SUMUP Tournament 2022 (Arcanys Early Learning Foundation)

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