– Incredible growth happens in a baby’s brain in the first three months, a period that some pediatricians and early childhood development experts call the “fourth trimester.” According to a recent study, a newborn’s brain is only one-third as developed as an adult’s brain, increasing to nearly 55 percent to its full size in the first 90 days. The human brain will never change as fast later in life.

– It is only recently that scientists are able to look so deeper into the amazing details of infants’ brain development. Other studies have revealed the amazing changes that the architecture of the brain undergoes during the early months. As much as one-third of the change in brain architecture in the first six years of life happens within the first six… months! The tremendous multiplication of all those neurological connections is setting the stage for a child to move, talk, think, and much more.



Image: Sleeping Newborn / Wikimedia Commons