According to a new study, Danes, Germans and Japanese babies cry the least, while their peers in the UK, Italy and Canada cry the most. Denmark is not only the second best country to live in for women, but it also has the best healthcare system in Europe and the more relaxed babies! At the least, babies who do not feel the need to cry much.

“I’m not surprised,” said ​Jessica Joelle Alexander, a Danish parenting expert and co-author of The Danish Way of Parenting. “The first year of a child’s life is considered so important in Denmark and that’s such a different perspective to other countries. Danish parents are much less stressed because they get good maternity and paternity leave.”

Alexander, who has two children who, by the way, “didn’t cry much” during their first years, believes there is another important reason why Danish infants cry less: they are more breast-fed. “In other countries, there are continual discussions about whether you should or shouldn’t breastfeed. In Denmark, breastfeeding has never gone out of style. And everyone does it for a year.”

Picture: Crying Baby (Wikimedia Commons, w/Effects)