Recent research has shown that most parents and preschool teachers actually spend less time on math and science than language development. Yet, the two are just as important as literacy for early learners.

A US study conducted in 2019 titled "Observing individual children in early childhood classrooms using Optimizing Learning Opportunities for Students (OLOS)," published the same year in the journal Early Childhood Research Quarterly, revealed that preschool teachers spend a daily average of only 8 minutes on math activities and 11 minutes on science. And parents spend even less time on these subjects, with an average of only 4 minutes on math and 3 minutes on science every day.

It is clear that we need to further encourage parents and early childhood educators to spend more time on math and science, two vital pillars of early childhood education.

Here are some tips for parents and teachers who want to teach math and science to their preschoolers:

  1. Make math and science fun and engaging. Use games and activities that will capture children's interest.

  2. Start with simple concepts and gradually build on them. Don't try to teach too much at once.

  3. Make sure the activities are relevant to children's lives. Use real-world examples to help children see how math and science are used in everyday situations.

  4. Be patient and positive. Don't get discouraged if children don't understand everything right away. Just keep practicing, and they will eventually get it.

With a little effort, we can ensure that our children have a strong foundation in math and science, an essential condition for them to be quite school-ready when the time comes. These subjects are essential for their success in school, in their future careers, and throughout their lives.

The ChildUp Preschool Math & Logic Series is a fun and efficient way to help parents and preschool teachers teach their young children to count.

Here is the ChildUp PRESCHOOL MATH & LOGIC problem for today:

Counting hippos...

4 groups of 3 hippos meet in the river.
But half of them leave.

How many hippos are left?

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