– According to some research, children of parents who attend parenting classes have better chances to succeed in school. Four years ago, UK Prime Minister David Cameron launched a parenting program in order to coach low-income families in this domain. With a disappointing result: while the government hoped to enroll about 20,000 parents of under-5-year-old children, only less than 3,000 showed up.

– David Cameron, however, is not ready to give up so easily and he recently announced he wants to try it again. The British government will launch another parenting class program, intended this time not only to underprivileged families, but to middle class families as well. It seems that the goal of the Prime Minister is to help more parents despite the common belief that only disadvantaged households would need this kind of support.



Image: ‘Interior with a Dordrecht Family’ by Nicolaes Maes (Wikimedia Commons)