– The “Early Math Family Engagement Project” – an initiative of the California Head Start Association – is one of the first programs to emphasize the crucial role parents can play in teaching early math to their young children. Research has shown that math fundamentals acquired by preschoolers are “the most powerful predictors of later learning,” even more important than their reading and writing abilities. The aim of the California Head Start project is to boost students’ math skills in order to make them kindergarten ready. A decisive advantage.

– “Is that tree small or big?” This simple question is a very good example of what you should ask your toddler when you are together for a walk in the park. This kind of dialogue between mom or dad and their child can have much more impact that it may seem. Whether at home or on the go, parents should take any opportunity to use words that reinforce their kids’ basic math concepts, like comparing tree sizes. An easy way to boost both early literacy and numeracy skills.