– Scientists at the University of Sydney have found new evidence that parents’ high pitched “goo-goo” and “gah-gah” are the building blocks to subsequent children’s language skills. This is otherwise known as “baby-talk,” the higher pitch tone used by many adults when speaking to very young kids. In their effort to comfort and connect with their infants, parents are unconsciously using those particular speech sounds, that are better understood by the small ones.

– Baby talk is essential for the good development of a child. Babies learn language by hearing this kind of typical sounds, and all their literacy skills – such as the alphabet, reading, and writing – are built on them. In fact, infants who are deprived of baby talk may have more difficulties later in life. “Babies like listening to that type of high-pitched vocalisation that is similar to what they produce themselves,” said Dr Marina Kalashnikova, who led the University of Sydney study.


Baby Boy Face - PublicDomainPictures

Baby Boy Face (Public Domain Pictures)