Early math learning game developed by a Swiss entrepreneur for his own child can now help children everywhere learn numbers and basic counting skills years ahead of their classmates.

Many toys, games and books are available for early reading education. But until recently, there were far fewer tools for helping young children learn to count. Why? Most parents (and teachers) believed that children couldn’t learn mathematical concepts like counting until about the age of five. But the experience of a young Swiss mathematics champion—confirmed by the latest neuroscience and psychological research—has proven that children from 1 year to 5 years old can learn basic mathematics when they use the right tools and methods. This math expert’s experience has led to the creation of “Teach Your Child to Count to 10“. The set of math game cards is published by ChildUp and available on Amazon.com.

Alan Debonneville was still too young to walk when his father John, a Swiss entrepreneur, began to teach him the basics of math, using a game John had developed himself. By age two, Alan was able to recognize numbers and count to 10. By age four, Alan could already do basic addition and subtraction, a feat that his schoolmates wouldn’t normally master until primary school. Father and son continued to play John’s math and logic games until Alan was a teenager. This early math education led to Alan’s continuing academic achievement in mathematics, helping him win the Swiss Championship of Mathematics & Logic Games in 1994.

Since 2005, Alan and his father John have dedicated themselves to helping other parents and young children learn to count and understand basic mathematic concepts. Together, John and Alan adapted the home-made math games that John initially created, developing a new early math card game called “Teach Your Child to Count to 10.”

The ChildUp cards teach children to count using colorful illustrations of 40 different animals, such as giraffes, apes, whales and birds. The system also includes information on the ChildUp Early Learning Method, also pioneered by John Debonneville in working with his son Alan. The helpful, easy-to-understand information on early childhood development and parenting expertise will help parents teach children as young as 12 months to recognize numbers and learn to count.

“Of course, my father and I can’t guarantee that your child will become a national mathematics champion,” says Alan Debonneville. “But very young children really can learn to count easily in this interactive, fun and effective way. If your child can already count and recognize numbers before they even enroll in school, imagine the advantages they could have, in comparison to their classmates.”

Parents using the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards have helped children as young as one learn to count to 10 in a little as a few weeks or months. Individual results will vary, and depend on the child’s age and how frequently the child plays with the cards.

BE YOUR CHILD’S FIRST MATH TEACHER! – Teach Your Child to Count to 10 – ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards

Source: PRWeb – http://goo.gl/Axu4A