Many parents have a hard time determining how to raise well-rounded, strong, and successful children. With this goal in mind, some parents try to be strict and vigilant, while others prefer to be much more lenient and distant. But who is right? The big question "what type of parent do you want to be?" is not an easy one. But it can help better understand the main basic parenting styles.

The four methods of parenting used in psychology today are called: neglectful (or uninvolved), authoritarian, permissive, and authoritative and are based on the work of developmental psychologist Diana Baumrind and Stanford researchers Eleanor Maccoby and John Martin. Of course, each parenting style has different consequences on a child's behavior. Let's take a closer look at these 4 approaches.

1. The NEGLECTFUL (or uninvolved) parenting style: LOW responsiveness & LOW demandingness

Parents let their kids generally fend for themselves because they don't care for their offspring's needs and desires or are overloaded with other tasks.

2. The AUTHORITARIAN parenting style: LOW responsiveness & HIGH demandingness

Parents enforce strict rules, with little consideration of their children's feelings and needs. Authoritarian parents often answer "because I said so" when their kids ask the reasons behind rules and limits, for example. With this method of education, communication is in principle one-way: from parent to child. And can be harsh and painful.

3. The PERMISSIVE parenting style: LOW demandingness & HIGH responsiveness

Parents communicate openly and generally let the kids decide for themselves, without giving them direction or setting rules, without much expectations. Permissive parents prefer to take on a friendship role than on a parenting role.

4. The AUTHORITATIVE parenting style: HIGH responsiveness & HIGH demandingness

Parents set clear rules and have specific expectations, while showing understanding and flexibility. They communicate a lot with their kids, taking their needs, feelings, thoughts and opinions into consideration. Authoritative parents are both nurturing and supporting.

Okay, but finally which is the BEST parenting style?

Well, research has shown that authoritative parents are more likely to raise self-reliant and socially well-adapted kids. In any case, the most successful parents are able to change and adapt their parenting style, depending on each situation. So it's recommended to be smart and flexible in this domain.

Picture: The 4 Parenting Styles (Francyne Zeltser, CNBC Make It)