– Crystal Henry thinks that co-sleeping, instead of threatening it, has saved her marriage. Before she became a mother, like many parents she made a lot of vows, taking strong resolutions like “I will never let my kids sleep in my bed.” But, as soon her children got old enough, she started to co-sleep with them almost every night. Today, she not only doesn’t feel guilty about bed-sharing with her kids, but she even believes that co-sleeping has saved her marriage.

– In the beginning, after having read the usual recommendations about the dangers of co-sleeping, and even if this might have helped her daughter to calm down, Crystal kept putting her baby in her crib every night. She feared that her husband would be displeased to share their bed with the child. Since the birth of the baby, Crystal had lost her interest for sex and thought that having the little one in bed would only aggravate the situation. It seems she was wrong. The night she brought her little girl to the parental bed was the first time Crystal really relaxed since her baby was born. But not the last.


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Mother and Daughter Sleeping (ChildUp.com)