The first few years of a child’s life are critical for brain growth. At this age, the mind is a work in progress and the brain rapidly develops based on the kid’s experiences and environment.

Dr. James M. Perrin, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics says: “Parents play a daily role in promoting lifelong health by focusing on positive ways to nurture brain development, starting in infancy and extending through the toddler years.” This implies having a safe, reliable environment to guarantee children know they’re physically and emotionally secured.

Dr. Perrin suggests the following tips for encouraging a happy, healthy home:

1. Talk to your baby in a responsive way, starting at birth.

2. Respond to distress with comfort.

3. Make eye contact with your child from day one.

4. When your baby starts to smile, smile back!

5. Follow your infant’s gaze to get a sense of what is capturing his or her attention.

6. Be aware of what your face is “saying.”

7. Infants let us know when they’ve had enough.

8. Reading to your child from infancy stimulates language and cognitive skills.

9. Babies learn best from people, not screens.

10. Healthy brain, healthy body.


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