– It’s not surprising, but many parents believe their children learn faster, are more creative and bolder explorers than their peers. However, in order to qualify for popular public school gifted programs, children are expected to have numerous intellectual and social specific skills, in addition to a superior IQ. Pupils can be tested at any age, but most of them will need at the least a 130 IQ – the level of only 2% of the population. Here are some of the criteria teachers use in the USA to measure if your child is gifted… or not.

– They have a wide vocabulary.

– They understand the concept of time.

– They have long attention span in specific fields.

– They have a broad range of interests.

– They ask a lot of questions.

– They express unusual ideas.

– They are able to use long sentences and express complete thoughts.

– They can use a large number of words accurately.

– They master math concepts.

– They need little direction.

– They have strong energy level.

– They are persistent.

– They like structure, order, and consistency.

– They are creative with thoughts and ideas.

– They display great curiosity.

– They engage in self-directed activities.

– They have leadership skills.

– They are easily upset when corrected.

– They are independent.

  AELF - Math Olympics 2017

Math Olympics 2017 by the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation, Philippines