Child Behavior Management: Positive Behaviors

Once you know how to eliminate your children's most undesirable behaviors, you only need a few good strategies to encourage your children's positive behaviors. The ChildUp Child Behavior Management: Positive Behaviors Course is based on real-life examples about how to raise well balanced children by fostering their curiosity, imagination, attention, concentration, self-control, self-confidence, perseverance and independence.


For parents with children from 1 year and up


Children's positive behaviors can be fostered

Whatever their behavior, children are never clumsy or stupid or bad. In using the right parenting techniques, your children's negative behaviors can be avoided or changed, while their positive behaviors can be fostered. To begin, your children have to learn a few fundamental rules to be respected in any case, as well as a few limits that cannot be crossed in any instance (for your children's own benefit). Once your children have understood that they cannot always do and get what they want on the spot, their behavior won't be an issue any more!

With this course you'll learn:

Simple and effective parenting methods and techniques in order to spend less time disciplining your children.

How to explain to your children that some limits cannot be crossed, and why they should follow some essential rules – for their own benefit.

How to help your children develop a few highly valuable habits necessary to live a well balanced and happier emotional and social life.


This course includes:

1. Online tutorial: 3 online videos (50 minutes each), to be watched at your own convenience. In just 15 minutes a day, learn the secrets behind emotionally and socially better balanced children.

2. Digital download of the course manual summarizing the main strategies to motivate your child and get more positive behavior.

3. A selection of articles about improving your children's behavior.