ChildUp Personal Parenting Expert Advice

Are you confused by conflicting parenting advice? Do you want to improve your children's behavior? Do you intend to provide an academic head-start in math or language to your children? For any parenting, early education, or early learning question, ChildUp experts are ready to provide you professional one-on-one counsel through phone or webcam online connection. ChildUp offers standard consultations of 30 minutes, 2 x 30 minutes or 4 x 30 minutes long, as well as, on demand, specific programs adapted to your needs and budget.


For parents with children from 1 year and up


Personal Parenting Expert Advice

Are you overwhelmed by the plethora of parenting information and conflicting parenting theories and advice from well-meaning family members and friends? Since parenting is more an art than a science, it's not so easy for parents to know what to do in any situation with their children. Whether you do have concerns regarding your children's behavior, or questions about your children's early academic preparation, ChildUp experts are ready to provide you courteous, professional and useful advice, tailored to your family's needs and budget.

With this service we can help you to:

Analyze the causes and effects of your parenting concerns, in order to find and implement effective solutions.

Understand clearly any specific parenting challenge, and look for the best ways to reduce or minimize it from re-occurring.

Strengthen and complete your parenting skills, to give you more confidence as your children's first role model and mentor and teacher.

Encourage and motivate your children for a happy and successful life.


One-on-One Expert Advice consultations are available in sessions of:

1. 30 minutes for $45.

2. 2 x 30 minutes for $80.

3. 4 x 30 minutes for $150.

4. On demand, accordingly to your needs and budget.