Multilingual Development

The ChildUp Multilingual Development Course was designed by a team of four experts in language early learning and developmental psychology. This exclusive method, which will help your children to learn and master two, three (or even more) languages in parallel, is applicable to any language – with a special emphasis on complex languages (like Chinese for example) as a second language.

For parents with children from 0 to 5 years old.


Languages are keys for communication in a global world

In today's increasingly global world, languages are keys for better communication and successful academic and professional careers. The ChildUp Multilingual Development Course is based on a proven early learning method which, through practical interactive games and family activities, will accelerate and improve the language development of your children. To begin, ChildUp will assess your family's language techniques and skills, and then provide you a custom language development plan in order to optimize an optimal multi-language acquisition by your children.

With this course you'll learn:

Which language your children should begin with, and when they should begin to learn a second (or more) language for optimum results.

4 techniques to stimulate your babies first words and sentences in the most appropriate language.

How to insure a strong foundation for your children's first and second (or more) languages.

How to maintain a “language balance’” so that your children will be fluent – in the long term – across all the learned languages.

The disadvantages of flashcards, videos and television programs in language learning.


This course includes:

1. Online tutorial: 2 online videos (40 minutes each), to be watched at your convenience. In just 15 minutes a day, you can learn the secrets behind promoting your child’s early multi-lingual skills!

2. Digital download of the course manual summarizing the course and main action steps for your child’s optimal multilingual development.