Interactive Reading

The ChildUp Interactive Reading Course describes some efficient techniques to develop your children's speaking and reading natural abilities up to several months ahead of their peers. The Interactive Reading Method has been tested by universities from around the world and practiced by parents with their young children for the past 20 years – with amazing results.


For Parents with children from 0 to 5 years old 


Speak to and read with your children as much as you can

To assimilate new words, children need to hear them many times, ideally from different speakers with different tones. Many adults underestimate an infant’s ability to pick up language skills, so even if you have the impression that your baby doesn’t understand you, keep talking and reading to them as often as you can. Depending of the speech level, attention, and degree of reaction provided by their parents, babies and toddlers are able to learn up several words per day. They need to hear words hundreds and thousands of times —a critical stage in language learning—before they begin to repeat their first ones, within 10 to 18 months. They start with easy words before using more complex ones. So, the more you'll speak to and read with your children, the better their speaking and reading skills will become.

With this course you'll learn:

Through practical, real-life examples, how to promote early talking, reading and literacy skills.

A proven method to develop your children's familiarity with letters (the alphabet) in order to build syllables, words, sentences and elaborate thoughts.

5 speaking techniques to expand your children's vocabulary.

How to stimulate your children's imagination and creativity through storytelling.

Several efficient techniques to develop your children's comprehension skills through books, stories and games.

How to develop a positive attitude about reading at an early age in order to give your children a competitive advantage when starting kindergarten and elementary school.

One-on-one interactive instruction techniques, such as verbal and visual cues to engage your children.


This course includes:

1. Online tutorial: 2 online videos (40 minutes each), to be watched at your convenience. In just 15 minutes a day, you can learn the secrets behind promoting your child’s early reading skills!

2. Digital download of the course manual summarizing the course and main action steps for your child’s speaking development.

3. A selection of articles on early reading and vocabulary development.