Foundations of Math & Logic

The ChildUp Foundations of Math & Logic Course was especially developed after analyzing how children acquire math and logic skills and number sense from birth to kindergarten. Following 5 progressive levels, you will learn how to share educational discussions and use everyday games and activities to stimulate and develop your children's natural disposition to learn math and logic.


For parents with children from 0 to 5 years old


The #1 skill for academic performance

In a study about the most important skills needed for academic performance, pre-math skills were ranked #1, reading skills were ranked #2, while attention-related skills were #3 on the list. Children who begin elementary school with a good knowledge of numbers, number order, and other fundamental math concepts, like basic addition and subtraction, have a real advantage that will remain throughout their school years. By combining a structured early teaching method with interactive games and educational family activities, you will positively impact your children future academic success.

With this course you'll learn:

A series of practical ways to develop your children's number sense, numbers recognition, basic math comprehension, problem solving and logical thinking from birth to preschool to kindergarten.

Many practical exercises to stimulate your children's attention, concentration, self-control and learning skills and to motivate them better for learning and thinking.

Five stages in the learning of math and logic, such as quantities, shapes, categorizing, sorting, comparing, etc.

Everyday examples on how to count out loud with your children. The discovery of math and logic by playing over 60 games with your children.


This course includes:

1. Online tutorial: 3 online videos (45 minutes each), to be watched at your convenience. In just 15 minutes a day, you can learn the secrets behind promoting your children's math and logic skills!

2. Digital download of the course manual summarizing the course and main action steps for your child’s optimal math development.