Teach Your Child to Count to 20 - Math & Logic 2

Teach Your Child to Count to 20 is the 2nd pack (the complement of the 1st pack, Teach Your Child to Count to 10) of the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards, a series of educational tools for parents, caregivers, and early teachers who intend to develop, by playing in an interactive way, the learning and intellectual skills of their children and to best prepare them for school and future academic excellence.


For boys & girls – from 1 to 5 years old


Home is the new first grade

When children start school, their mastery of numeracy and literacy fundamentals is the most important factor in predicting subsequent academic achievement. By then, their academic destiny is largely set. Kindergarten recently became the new first grade, but some parents, as well as some preschools, are already taking on this role. This is to help parents with this so important mission, in an interactive and playful manner, that the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards were created.

Includes 48 Child’s Cards to learn to count from 10 to 20 while discovering four different series of 10 new animals.

Includes 16 Parent’s Cards presenting the 2nd part of the ChildUp Early Learning Method, with practical early learning and parenting advice.

Helps parents to teach:

  • Numbers from 10 to 20
  • Odd and even numbers
  • First additions and subtractions
  • Categorizing, sorting, and comparing

Helps develop the child's:

  • Math and logic skills
  • Learning and cognitive skills
  • Memory and problem solving skills
  • Concentration and self-control skills
  • Language and social skills

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  • "I highly recommend the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards to parents who believe in the potential benefits of early education and are in search of tools to help their children get a head start."

    - Kristy Campbell


  • "These cards are a great tool to help your child learn math and counting. They have pictures of animals on them to help out with counting, and it’s a fun way to teach your child what different animals look like too. The ChildUp cards are perfect..."

    - Michelle Hagewood


  • "Not only are these cards helping Hollis learn about counting, numbers, and animals, but they are also giving us some precious one-on-one time, which is so special and hard to come by and is also extremely beneficial for both of us!"

    - Amanda Onstott


  • "I love that I am able to use them as an educational tool for both my 2 year old and 4 year old at a level that's right for them. They are a great way to teach logic skills, mathematical concepts, and perfect for developing a child's..."

    - Jenna Gaskill


  • "These cards are very eye-catching, and Sadie and I have had a lot of fun with them! By using the cards, children are not just learning math. They are also learning the names of animals, counting things around them in their everyday life, acquiring..."

    - Jody Nicholl on behalf of Susan Heim


  • "These cards are perfect for kids ages 1-5. So both my daughter (4 1/2) and son (2) could use them. The cards show both the quantity of the number and the symbol for the number. I like this because it allows my kids to really gain a grasp of what..."

    - Heather Stewart


  • "The cards are sturdy and durable, which is a must with my 2 year old. They are colorful and include fun pictures of animals, which my son really liked. I believe that my son will benefit from the ChildUp Math and Logic Games for several more..."

    - Sara Lehman


  • "The child cards are divided up into four different themed learning groups. For example, in the couting to 10 cards there are farm animals, ocean animals, African animals, and birds. So the cards combine math concepts with science ones. The..."

    - Monica Olivera Hazelton


  • "I personally highly recommend both the cards and the apps to anyone with a toddler and older child. These cards and apps work wonders with learning math. Plus, they are fun and kids just play and don’t really realize they are actually learning!..."

    - Mandy Furlong


  • "These game cards are much more than your simple flashcards where children just memorize what is on the card. With these cards, you can teach number recognition, addition, subtraction, and quantity math. Hayley loves these cards since they are fun!..."

    - Melissa Pezza


  • "These cards are made for parents and children to use together, creating an interactive learning environment. I found the Parent Cards to be particularly detailed and useful! We will definitely be using these cards this summer as I prepare my son..."

    - Amanda


  • "My daughter and I spent a lot of learning the names of each number and then flipping the card over and counting the quantity on the other side. It wasn’t long before she started to “get it”. One of my favourite things about these cards is unique..."

    - Liz Carr


  • "Even though we’ve only use the cards a few times, I can see how the cards can teach my toddler to count up to ten (Math & Logic #1) or twenty (Math & Logic #2). In addition, the cards are indirectly teaching my son how to add by using more..."

    - Ken Cheung


  • "These cards are great! Bella loves them so much, that she is always bringing them over to us so we can play. They have bright colorful pictures of animals on one side and on the other it tells you the total number of each animal and then how..."

    - Angela Hickman


  • "I loved that the numbers went past 25 and the cards could be used for a ton of different games, learning tools, and ages making my job easier. I give this a full five counting fingers of fun rating!"

    - Abby Billings


  • "There is more to these cards than just pictures of animals and numbers. There is information about the animals, the ChildUp company, and their Early learning Method. These cards help the child learn but they also help the caregiver to become a..."

    - Kaeli Hines


  • "The ChildUp Early Learning Cards give you a variety of concepts to teach your child. You can teach number recognition, addition or subtraction, and quantity recognition all with one card. Pretty darn impressive if you ask me. These are, in fact,..."

    - Amy Thayer


  • "The children love animals and are very interested in the cards and adding. My five year old is excited when she learns counting this way. The cards keep her attention and she loves to learn about the animals. What I also learned about the cards is..."

    - LeRoy Coffie


  • "The cards are fun to work with, cute little animals printed on one side and the number with a small shot of the same animal is on the reverse side. The faces of these little animals are So CUTE! Alice likes to point to the animals and looks up..."

    - Connie Gruning


  • "I have loved using these ChildUp Early Learning Cards with my daughter. Even she loves looking at the animals on the cards. These are great way to teach number recognition, memory, animal recognition, counting, math and more. highly recommended!"

    - Susan Milby


  • "As I fanned the cards out on the table, I noticed that these were not ordinary flash cards – they are much more developed. Each set has several sets of cards that are coded with bright colors to represent a family of animals such as mammals,..."

    - Rita Hernandez


  • "Even though Deven already knows his numbers up to 20, these cards have so much more to teach than that! They teach basic addition and even include facts on each of the 80 different animals included in the 2 packs! These cards are such a great way..."

    - Lynn Locklear-Fisher on behalf of Nicole


  • "We played as a family for thirty minutes straight (trust me — that’s a long time for kids age three and four) using the ChildUp cards and even missed our regularly schedule TV time – no arguments from me or the kids!"

    - Richelle Taylor Krzak


  • "I think that these cards are very well made & are noticeably different from other cards. My daughter has a fun time playing with these cards. We can play different games such as guessing the number based on how many animals are on the..."

    - Swan Stanley


  • "As soon as we received them in the mail, my son grabbed them and began to look through and examine each card. Their design drew his interest and kept it."

    - Tiffany Noth


  • "I was happy to see the cards have animals on them which my son loves. My son is 2 years old, and the Child Up cards are a great way for me to teach him how to count in a fun way. With the animals on them, it has my son's attention to learn..."

    - Christy King


  • "This is one of the only flashcard sets that I have seen that includes zero in their cards. I liked this – and it gave us a unique opportunity to talk about a number that tends to be left out."

    - Jessica Marr


  • "What I love most about the ChildUp Game Cards is that they are NOT flashcards. My daughter gets bored within seconds if I start waving around flashcards at her. The ChildUp Game Cards are interactive, giving the child and parent an opportunity to..."

    - Stephanie Grabske


  • "The Early Learning Game Cards is an ideal innovation as an effective learning material for kids. It helps kids learn mathematics and thinks logically in addition and subtraction using numbers and illustrations. This also develops children’s memory..."

    - Mommy Gagay


  • "For the price $9.99 I give this a 5 out of 5 rating. I have bought flash cards for this amount of money at an area local book store and not received half of what I received with these cards."

    - Melissa Carswell


  • "The cards are appealing to both boys & girls, and not only do they teach number skills....but they venture into animal facts too! Having the sets of cards was a great starter activity to stimulate conversation & base learning. I then..."

    - Claire Chadwick


  • " Putting recognizable animals to numbers is genius, and these aren't flashcards. There's no memorization involved.The girls have to associate counting with the final number; nothing is by rote. They can count, add, subtract, and point out..."

    - Darlena Cunha


  • "The ChildUp cards are not just useful for learning numbers, they can also teach your child a lot about different animals, colours and much more. The parent cards will offer many other uses that you wouldn’t have even thought of! The twins always..."

    - Simone Wootton


  • "Child Up Early Learning Game Cards incorporates learning your numbers and adds learning animals at the same time. I really like the simplicity of this. You can sit your baby on your lap and show him a card and take his little finger and count..."

    - Lisa Rupertus


  • "I was really impressed with not only the quality of the cards and even the boxes, but more importantly the vibrant colors, large numbers and adorable animal pictures.Each set of cards comes with 4 different 0-10 or 10-20 animal sets that..."

    - Michelle Cappiello


  • "Each pack features quality cards with adorable animals that teach children to count, learn the symbols for the numbers, as well as provide the first steps to learning addition. First off, I was impressed with the overall quality of the packaging,..."

    - Kimberly Krasowski


  • "The cards feature animals to count so you can do a lot of learning activities just with the animals. The Count to 10 cards feature Sea Animals, Farm Animals, and African Animals. The Count to 20 cards feature Australian Animals, Rain Forest..."

    - Julie Cerdas


  • "These worked wonderfully for my 3 year old. I love that this can help them learn and advance in their numbers counting. It will help him alot when he starts pre-k in the fall. The ChildUp company is such a great company to work with for teaching..."

    - Jessica Warrick


  • "These cards will help you child learn to count to 20. Children can learn odds and evens and even begin the steps to addition and subtraction. The animals on the cards keep the children entrained and captivated. My daughter loves these and is so..."

    - Jamie Underwood


  • "When I opened up each set, I fully expected them to be traditional flash cards. In reality they are so much more than flash cards. They were not even designed to be used as we would use flash cards. Each set includes the cards needed for teaching..."

    - Delana Stewart


  • "Rickey can count to 3 and he helps me count to 5 already but these cards are going help him learn to count to 20! He loves that they also include his favorite animals. We highly recommend the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards if you have a young..."

    - Jennifer Parke on behalf of Devon Weaver, Owner


  • "My son loves the different animals, and at 2, he thinks that the pictures are the best thing in the world!"

    - Amber Anderson


  • "I received two sets of Child Up flash cards to review and (of course) my kids love them. They are colorful, well made, easy for small hands to handle, and – as always – educational."

    - Amanda Allalunis on behalf of Brandy Myers


  • "I believe this program is beneficial for my son and we really enjoy the time we spend playing with the cards. I am really looking forward to seeing the results in a couple of months but I have already seen his reactions to the cards. He enjoys the..."

    - Angela G


  • "One of the main things that will help him when he starts Kindergarten is knowing his numbers and letters. We are definitely going to make use of these as he grows and gets closer to entering pre-kindergarten and kindergarten."

    - Jamie Bartley


  • " Childup gets two thumbs up from me for sure. The program is well designed and provides an awesome learning tool for your kids. "

    - Tina Reynolds


  • " My four year old son, Tate, had so much fun putting all the cards in order by counting the animals on the cards. He is also every interested in science so he enjoyed listening to descriptions of the animals on the back of the cards! The Child..."

    - Meredith Strachan


  • " I highly recommend ChildUp Teach Your Child To Count Flashcards for parents and children. You'll enjoy teaching your children in an easy and laid back environment where they show interest and dedication to learning."

    - Roxanne DeBord


  • " Both Big J & Little J love the colorful cards. Of course Little J is still too young to really understand, but she loves listening to her sister say the numbers and has even started repeating a few herself! "

    - Shelley Townsend


  • " These were great! Almost immediately we opened the flash cards and begun working with Dane on his adding. We were already past the counting to ten but these helped with our addition. This also helped move Dane quickly through twenty. "

    - Randi Poole


  • " These counting cards are a great activity for a parent and child to reinforce counting and even learn a myriad or animal, reptile, sea life, and insect names. There are a total of 80 animals on these card sets and those really had my toddler..."

    - Anastasia Borisyuk


  • " These titles, Teach Your Child to Count to 10 – Math and Logic #1 and Teach Your Child to Count to 20 – Math and Logic #1, are a little misleading as they offer so much more knowledge and understanding. My four year old is way past counting to..."

    - Sarah Oliver


  • " We have been very pleased with these cards, and Darah really seems to enjoy playing with them, as well. I highly recommend them to any parent of a child who hasn’t yet started kindergarten. This really is work you can do with them now; there’s no..."

    - Tiffany Merritt


  • " McKenna could already count beyond 20 when we got the cards, but we do have lots of fun playing with the cards. I love variety in learning subjects, and there are only so many times I can have fun counting to 20. "

    - Valerie Plowman


  • " These cards are great flash cards that can be used for 10 minutes at a time encouraging children to learn to count in a fun way that they will enjoy. "

    - Paula Fazekas


  • " What I like about these Learning Game cards is that they don't feel like forced learning, they are fun and my child responds to them much better than other ways I have tried in the past. "

    - Margie Brill


  • " They learned to count objects rather than just recite the numbers. The cards really help children enjoy learning about numbers. The animals are well illustrated and having fun with the cards and your child makes all the difference. "

    - Elle N Em


  • " I would definitely continue using this as I feel there is much more potential for this cards on Ben. I like that the cards come with both sides showing different designs (one showing the animals, the other side showing the animal with the..."

    - Jenny Chin


  • " These cards are a wonderful learning tool for your youngsters! If you're like me and always looking for extra ways to help your child learn, these Early Learning Cards are a must! "

    - Rachel Chilson


  • " If you want to engage your children with fun games that teach them basic and essential math skills, then you will need to look no further than ChildUp! "

    - Tara Dew


  • " We found the cards to be both colorful and engaging. The pictures keep your child interested and at the same time teach them how to count, addition and subtraction. You won’t find other flashcards that are as diverse as these. "

    - Rose DesRochers


  • " The cards are thick and colorful and have cute designs, which keep my son's attention. I like how the pictures on the back help him count and also shows how you can add. My son is always eager to do his cards and I have seen him make some..."

    - Renee Bigner


  • " ChildUp is an amazing resource. I not only say that as a product reviewer, but as a mother and advocate of early learning. Children love to learn if given the tools and ability to have fun with it, which is the MOST important thing. "

    - Amanda Tippit


  • " I credit ChildUp and their Math Logic flash card line to getting my daughter back on track to the correct way to count and I highly recommend them to everyone. "

    - Jennifer Leet


  • " I like that the child has the opportunity to learn numbers, math and facts about animals all with the same cards. And, with so much variety, lots of learning can take place! "

    - Kimberlee Tandy


  • " These cards are perfect for my son who is 4 years old and learning how to add. Plus he gets exposure to the animals and high numbers that he is not so familiar with. "

    - Jaime Pott


  • " The cards themselves are colorful and have great pictures of animals on them. They also become well-versed in animals, the sounds they make and where they live. Not only are they learning how to count, they're learning to distinguish between..."

    - Debbie Martinock


  • " My son, Trevor, really enjoys the cards, he loves counting the animals! And I love that not only is he learning to count, he's also learning different animals as well. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who's teaching their kids to count! "

    - Danielle Meek


  • " He has actually come up and asked me a few times to play with the cards so he did like playing with them, which I think kids learn more by playing anyway so this system works well by allowing that! I know we'll be playing with these a lot more..."

    - Nikki Muroski


  • " I love that the cards come with parent cards that give you ideas on how to teach all of the concepts that are available with these cards - my kids love that there are a whole variety of colorful pictures that keep their attention focused on the..."

    - Heather Smith


  • " I have seen a marked improvement in both number recognition as well as comprehension through using these cards and I have to say that anyone that is looking for a set of cards that will assist with their own child's math skills, you should look..."

    - Chris Lewis