John Debonneville

John Debonneville co-founded ChildUp in the fall of 2005 and has been since helping with the development of the company.

Born in Switzerland in 1951, John worked all his life as a business manager and entrepreneur, essentially in the distribution of electronic games, consumer electronics, and beverages.

Raised in a family of independent bakers too busy to actively help their two children with academic studies, John struggled in school, though some training down the road earned him a few business and management diplomas.

In parallel, as an avid reader of intelligence development and early learning literature, John became convinced that, regardless of genetics, any child in good health, with the stimulation of dedicated parents using the right early teaching methods, can excel in school, at work, and in life.

On this principle, to ensure that his son Alan had an easier time in school than he did, John, with the full support of spouse Carmela, a very loving and dedicated mother, devoted a good part of his free time to giving an early education in math, languages, and many other topics to their son Alan.