Survey: Black Fathers Are as Much Involved as Other Dads in the Lives of their Children

- Undermining persistent stereotypes, a new federal survey released by the National Center for Health Statistics shows that African-American fathers living with their kids are as much involved as other fathers in the lives of their offspring. Maybe more. For example, 35% of Black dads said they read to their young children daily, while only 30% of White dads and 22% of Latino dads said so. 

- “Blacks look a lot like everyone else,” said Gretchen Livingston, a senior researcher at the Pew Research Center.  “We see how dads are fighting against the odds to be engaged in the lives of their children,” said Joseph Jones, president of the Center for Urban Families.


Bryan August-Jones says his Latina mother-in-law and her family think Black men cannot be good fathers, but notes “I prove them wrong all the time.’’







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