Parenting News: Traits of the Average Modern Family

The average modern family enjoys five hours of television and three hours of quality time together each day but argues on five occasions – usually over what to watch, a study has revealed.

Researchers found the typical family now has two children, owns a blue Ford and spends £81.92 a week on food shopping.

They also have an average income of £39,223, own three mobile phones and three laptops, computers or PCs and find cash for takeaways twice a month.

The results emerged following a study commissioned to mark the release of Modern Family Season 3 on DVD.

A spokesman for Modern Family said: “Everyone considers their home life to be normal, so it’s fascinating to find out exactly what ‘normal’ is for modern families of the 21st Century.

“The survey reveals it’s not just in TV shows like Modern Family where parents and kids row so much – Brits row more than five times a day, two of which are about what to watch on the TV.

“But it’s good to see that families still enjoy plenty of time together, whether that’s quality time at home, day trips or simply eating together for the majority of their evening meals.

Research into sleeping habits found the average family is up by 6.45am, but has a lie-in until 7.44am at the weekends.

In the evening kids are tucked up in bed by 8.10pm with the adults in the family following at 10.23pm.

Takeaways usually occur twice a month – on Saturdays  – but the family will also enjoy five meals together in a typical week.

It also emerged that every day, families’ watch five hours and 14 minutes of television, and with more than half saying it’s usually kids’ programmes which are on the screen.

Documentaries, dramas, news and soaps were also found to be among the most popular programmes on the box.

But it is this which causes the conflict – with families admitting there are two rows per day – simply over who wants to watch what.

There are also three further rows between family members in each household every week.

The study also found that the average family now has two hours and 55 minutes of quality time together each day, and on top of that, will also enjoy one day trip together, two family walks and one bike ride every month.

The spokesman added: “Technology also plays a major part in modern households now with several TVs, computers and mobile phones owned by each family.

”Children in particular are taking over the household gadgets, not least what’s on TV, with more than half saying it’s kids’ programmes that are on screen.”

Families also play sport together twice a month as well as enjoy a monthly visit to the cinema and two trips to see extended family and friends.

Researchers also discovered that the average family now own two cars – one of which is a blue Ford.

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