New Preschool Curriculum to Include ‘Purposeful Play’ in Singapore

The Ministry of Education (MOE) highlighted the significance of 'purposeful play' in preschool education and will be adopting it as part of the new Kindergarten Curriculum Framework.

This framework is expected to be released next year.

During the Kindergarten Learning Forum held today, Senior Minister of Education Indranee Rajah said the ministry will guide preschools in designing and implementing an early childhood programme that is based on strengthening the relationship between learning and play.

She pointed out that while many activities in preschools are labelled 'play', not all play experiences can be considered purposeful and may just be a period of fun time given to children as a reward for the completion of academic tasks.

"Having good intentions in the activities carried out for the children is no longer sufficient. Purposeful play is not just any play.

"Besides being enjoyable, it allows children to make meaning out of their experiences. Teachers have an important task to deepen play experiences to ensure that they are enjoyable and beneficial for all children.

"Purposeful play needs teacher facilitation and guidance," said Ms Rajah.


Source: AsiaOne -


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