Is your Child a Couch Potato? Blame Yourself

Studies have confirmed that children in US lead very sedentary lifestyles, spending too much time sitting and looking at electronic screens. But it's not necessarily because of the newest gee-whiz gadgets. Parents play a major factor in whether young children are on the move. 

In two studies Oregon State University researchers examined how parenting style — whether a strict but loving parent or a lessinvolved and more permissive parent — was associated with sedentary behaviour. 

Overall, they found that children who had "neglectful" parents , or ones who weren't home often and self-reported spending less time with their kids, were getting 30 minutes more screen time on an average each week day. 

More disturbing to lead author David Schary, was the finding that all of the children aged 2 to 4 were sitting more than several hours per day. "Across all parenting styles, we saw anywhere from four to five hours a day of sedentary activity," he said. "This is waking hours not including naps or feeding. 

Some parents counted quiet play, sitting and coloring, working on a puzzle, etc as a positive activity, but this is an age where movement is essential," he said. The study was published online in a special issue of the journal Early Child Development and Care devoted to 'Parental Influences of Childhood Obesity'.

Source: Times of India -

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