Four Game Theory-Based Solutions for Easy Parenting

- "Game theory" - the science of "strategic thinking" - is the means of picking the best possible choice based on the way other people are expected to act in a given situation. Game theory can provide some interesting answers in matters of parenting, for example on how to get your kids to eat their greens or to put their room in order. Game theory - the field of economists and geopolitical experts - presupposes that the game players are rational, but it applies just as well to our not-always-rational children.

- Here are a few game theory-based solutions to common parenting challenges:

1. The Pickup Dilemma: It's time to clean up, but neither of your kids will budge.

2. The Kale Conundrum: A clever negotiation tactic to get the child to eat a variety of foods.

3. The Bedtime Ultimatum: An ultimatum game of take-it-or-leave-it for shortening the bedtime routine with several children to tuck in.

4. Sleep Training 101: Game theory can work from the earliest days of parenthood.



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