CHILDUP BESTOF: Why Schools Should Forget Health and Safety Regulations During Playtime

- As part of a successful university experiment, at Swanson primary school in Auckland, children are free to climb trees, ride skateboards and playing bullrush without any rules during playtime. A permissive education method that seem to have many benefits; in particular a drop in bullying, serious injuries and vandalism.

- The Swanson school abandoned the rules completely, to the horror of some teachers at first. Today, though, the school does not need a timeout area and fewer teachers are on patrol. The kids are more motivated, busy and engaged.

- What happened at Swanson school is not really a playtime revolution but just a return to the days before health and safety policies came to rule. "Society's obsession with protecting children ignores the benefits of risk-taking," said AUT University professor Grant Schofield, who worked on the research project.



Image: Wikimedia Commons






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