CHILDUP BESTOF: The Positive Experiences of Four Kindergartners in the Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy

The Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy, opened three months ago, was named after the late James Fraser Mustard, a Canadian physician who became one of the most famous international early childhood development experts.

A kindergarten-only school, the Fraser Mustard Academy is located in an area of Toronto with a high rate of immigrant population. The program of the school - one of the largest all-day kindergartens on the continent - is considered as a key test in matter of early education.

Read about the positive experiences of four Fraser Mustard pupils, 5-year-old Neha Charles, 4-year-old Manha Idrees, 5-year old Aizah Kamran, and 4-year-old Zain Siddiqui.


Image: Deborah Baic / The Globe and Mail






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