Smart Kids See Less TV

Four-year-olds spend nearly twice as much time watching television as exercising on weekdays, a new study has found.

But smart kids with educated parents watch less TV and spend more time reading books, the national study of more than 3000 four and five-year-olds shows.

And the children of stay-at-home and single mothers watch the most TV of all.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies report found at least nine in 10 children watched TV regularly, with most watching 138 minutes on weekdays and 130 minutes on weekends.

And they spend 87 minutes exercising during the week and 100 minutes exercising during the weekend...

On average, children also spend just over two hours a day on "achievement-related" activities such as talking or singing, colouring or looking at books, playing educational games or being taught to do chores or read.

Parenting Research Centre psychologist Vince Lagioia said research shows the types of activities parents introduce their children to can boost intellectual development.

"The more one-on-one time that parents can spend with kids the better for their social, academic and emotional development," he said...

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