Fathers Pay More Attention to Parenting Programs

While men have been encouraged for at least a generation to become more involved in their children's lives, cultural norms expect women still will lead the way in raising kids.
Locally, health unit surveys show males are responding to invitations to spend time with their children, though...

In 2006, a significantly higher number of fathers -- 43.4 per cent -- reported attending a parenting event or class. That's up from 26.2 per cent two years earlier...

"There were some programs implemented . . . that targeted specifically male parents." ...

It's important to note that positive parenting styles are associated with higher self-esteem levels in children, academic achievement and provide protection against behavioural problems and substance abuse later in life.
Anything that can be done to promote positive interaction is a plus for kids...

A significantly higher proportion of parents indicated they seek parenting information on the Internet between 2004 (26.2 per cent) and 2006 (43.4 per cent).

Source: London Free Press
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