Executive Set to Reduce the Size of Classes

The debate over the importance of smaller class sizes has dominated Scottish education in recent years and was a key battleground in May's election.

According to research, smaller class sizes, although expensive, can raise school attainment, and work best where there is a significant reduction in numbers and for children in the early years.

The executive is facing pressure to slash class sizes from unions such as the Educa-tional Institute of Scotland (EIS), which has threatened strike action in pursuit of a 20-pupil maximum in all schools and subjects...

The long-term goal of the executive is to deliver universal integrated early education and care services, similar to the Scandinavian model, giving every family access to affordable, high-quality childcare and support from the end of maternity leave.

In the short term they have also pledged to look at providing support for the increasing number of grandparents providing childcare for grandchildren under three...

Source: The Herald
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