Eat Breakfast to Get a Healthy Start

Jump-starting the day with breakfast benefits everyone — children, teens, and adults. Despite its benefits, breakfast may be the meal most often neglected or deleted from the diet. Some people blame their body clock for not feeling hungry when they wake up. Others are too rushed trying to get themselves and other family members out the door in the morning to eat breakfast. And some falsely believe that skipping breakfast offers an effective strategy for weight control. Do you see yourself as any of these people?

Now that you have identified the type of breakfast skipper you may be, let’s examine why it is that we need breakfast. Breakfast is your body’s early morning refueling stop. After 8 to 12 hours without a meal or snack, your body needs to replenish its glucose, also called blood sugar, stores. A new supply of food produces more glucose. The brain needs a fresh supply of glucose, its main energy source, because it has no stored reserves...

Breakfast is especially important for children and teens. Breakfast prepares children to meet the challenges of learning. Those who regularly eat a morning meal tend to perform better in school, often scoring higher on tests.

Morning hunger has a significant effect on learning since it reduces concentration, problem-solving and muscle coordination. That’s hard on children because many times the basic skills, reading, writing and arithmetic, are often taught first thing in the morning.

Source: Daily Citizen
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