5 Great Parenting Rules

- Most people, especially children, don't like rules. However, in parenting, setting and respecting a few basic rules can be really useful. Daniel Wong, a learning and personal development expert, recommends the 5 following rules to parents who wants to avoid a dysfunctional relationship with their children, and raise happy, healthy and successful kids.

- The 4th rule is particularly interesting; in his description, Wong refers to the revolutionary research of Dr. Carol Dweck, the famous psychologist at Stanford University, about the effects of different kinds of praise. Here are the 5 rules:

Rule #1: Focus on progress, not performance.

Rule #2: Allow your children to make mistakes.

Rule #3: Show your children respect.

Rule #4: Avoid praising your children for their intelligence (or any other trait that isn't under their direct control).

Rule #5: Allow natural consequences to run their course, unless there are very good reasons not to.




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